Eyebrow Tattooing for Cancer Patients

Cancer can be debilitating both physically and emotionally for patients. The loss of hair, skin changes, weight changes and more can take its toll on a person. So what can we do to help? As a practicing esthetician and permanent makeup artist I have come into contact with so many cancer survivors. Their main concern (when seeking out my services) is hair loss in the eyebrow area and loss of eyelashes. Many people often only think about hair loss on the head when undergoing treatment for cancer. It is very common to experience loss of hair in the eyebrows. As small of a part of our appearance as it may seem, hair plays a large part in how we present ourselves. Curly or straight, waxed or tweezed, with or without mascara-hair is more than just what’s on our heads and beauty trends throughout time call on lashes and brows to speak for peoples’ looks. That’s why eyebrow loss can be shocking. As overlooked as they might be, they play a large role in frame our face and give us symmetry and help us look more youthful.

I want people to know eyebrow tattooing is available. The client I am featuring in this blog post preemptively had her eyebrows micro-bladed before she started chemotherapy. If hair loss should occur in her eyebrow area she has a beautiful brow already in place. This particular client, Vicki Rodriquez, voiced that, “Let me also note for anyone going through chemo (which is the major cause of hair loss) when you are told you will lose your hair, it means everywhere. Eyebrows, eye lashes, nose hairs, legs, etc. are all subject to being lost. Therefore, permanent makeup can be a key to regaining self-esteem and confidence in your appearance.”

The american Cancer Society found that “...up to 1 in 4 people with cancer have clinical depression.” Although there are various factors that contribute to the high rate of depression amongst cancer patients, many would agree with the claim that the physical changes that accompany the illness are one of the many causes. The reality of this is strikingly despairing. Luckily for patients like Vicki, permanent makeup can help restore some confidence that may have been lost during treatment.

In terms of her experience specifically Vicki noted that, “This process was much more efficient, precise and professional than the previous time I had my eyebrows done. I just had them done this time three days ago, so they are still swollen and healing, but, once all that is done, I'm expecting to be happy with the entire experience.”

Permanent makeup through eyebrow tattooing can help cancer patients regain a part of themselves that may have been lost due to Chemotherapy. And we all know that when we feel most like ourselves and look our best, the challenges we face can seem more manageable. Pretty Flawless Brows and Lashes offers permanent makeup treatments in hopes of helping restore confidence through beauty. Comment if you have experienced the effects of permanent makeup on self confidence or if you are looking into getting it done!


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